True Technologies has developed custom test systems for numerous customers in the loudspeaker industry.  Examples include cone resonance measurement systems, large scale power test systems, plane wave tubes, machine vision systems for measuring voice coil ovality, end-of-line test software for electronic and acoustic QC testing, anechoic chambers, and others.  These systems often include custom software interfaces that incorporate database structures for tracking part numbers and for searching archived data.  Statistical process tools are also typically integrated to help engineers and quality staff members understand the capability and historical trends of their finished assemblies and sub-components.  We are experts in developing systems that require audio signal generation and complex analysis techniques.  Simple automation capabilities can been incorporated to reduce cycle times, ensure safety, and limit potential injury due to repetitive motion.  We focus on the customer need and rely on our years of accumulated knowledge of how these types of systems are typically employed to get the job done right and on time.  Whether the designation is the factory floor, an engineering lab, or a QC test station, we have plenty of experience to understand and overcome the challenges. 

While developing custom test and measurement systems is a good sideline business for True Technologies, we also stay up to date on the capabilities of applicable off-the-shelf products.  We prefer to not reinvent the wheel and we understand the need to keep the over all project cost to a minimum.  If implementing a competitor's product is the right solution for our customer, we have no hesitation in taking that approach.  Several past projects have involved implementing 3rd party systems and developing training packages, implementing cross-site integration, writing work instructions, etc.

Custom Test System and Software Development