Signal Maker

LCMS. Loudspeaker Component Measurement System. LCMS is a tool used in quality control and design of loudspeaker drivers. It allows the user to measure the force vs. deflection characteristic of parts (cones, spiders, domes, etc.) to determine if it meets the spec or if it is appropriate for use in a particular driver design.  Measurements of completed drivers are also possible.  Add a constant current source and the BL vs. coil location for a motor/coil combination can also be measured.  Database features, pass/fail limits, and statistical analysis algorithms make the LCMS a very powerful tool for loudspeaker and component manufacturers alike.


FEA2SCAN is a state of the art tool that connects ANSYS and COMSOL modeling tools with Klippel's SCN software.

True Technologies offers a number of products developed specifically for the audio industry.   Custom systems built to the customer's need is also a specialty.



Signal Maker is a wave file generation utility. It allows the user to quickly and easily generate a wide variety of test signals and save them as .wav files. Signals can be colored with virtually any useful spectral shape and the crest factor can be controlled precisely. The use of the resultant wave file as a test signal eliminates the need for external filters, noise generators, CD players, clipping circuits, etc.

LifeTest is a system designed specifically for power testing and life testing of loudspeaker transducers, active and passive systems, power amplifiers and essentially anything that has electical current flowing through it. Up to 24 channels can be tested on a single PC. Cost effective and unparalled in capability.

Note.  First time install use the LifeTest Install Button to download the install package.  Software updates can be managed from inside the LifeTest software after the first install.