Induce Current Density In Motor.  935 Hz.

Axi-symmetric model of a 3" mid-range dome driver in a baffle

Finite Element Analysis has been a True Technologies core focus since 1990. With the use of the powerful COMSOL Multiphysics modeling tools, our ability to guide our customers to market along the shortest development path is what makes us competitive. We can support your team with complete turnkey modeling solutions or with advice and training to bring your staff up to speed on the use of the state-of-the-art COMSOL FEA Multiphysics simulations.

Finite Element Modeling

Impedance response.  

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 Acoustic pressure in the compression chamber and plane wave tube at 825 Hz.  

Instantaneous sound pressure at 6.9kHz  

Frequency response of above.  Good agreement between model and measurement over the band of interest.  

Compression Driver modeled on Plane Wave Tube

Deformed structure at 19kHz.  

Frequency response predicted at 1 meter/on axis  

Loudspeaker Spider Analysis

Voice coil displacement vs. frequency.  

Static flux density in motor gap.  

Structural Mechanics Model Considering Geometric Non-Linearity. Design for symmetry and optimized linearity range.


  • Transducer performance and radiation characteristics
  • Room and multi-device interaction
  • Sophisticated enclosure design


  • Coil/Motor Optimization – Drive force linearity and symmetry
  • AC Impedance response predictions
  • Distortion mechanism analysis

Structural Mechanics

  • Transducer suspension linearity and symmetry
  • Stess analysis – brackets, glue joints, moving parts, etc.
  • Distortion mechanism analysis